“When I decided to try Woodward Phytotherapy, I was initially mostly curious and somewhat apprehensive as to what it would entail. I was quickly put at ease by the charming and erudite owner Tony Acworth.

His knowledge and passion for plant based medicine is infectious.

The consultation began after a lengthy and fascinating discussion about the techniques and theory behind his practice. I began discussing the physical symptoms that had brought me there while Tony took copious notes. With his gentle encouragement I ended up talking about my health in great detail touching on physical , mental and even spiritual issues I had not even fully acknowledged before.

I have been plagued by both anxiety and stomach upsets most of my life and since that consultation and by taking the preparations Tony advised I have seen a remarkable improvement. I have no hesitation recommending Woodward Phytotherapy to anyone interested in improving their health with tried and tested traditional plant based medicine.”

- Tomm Moore

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"My journey to reclaim my health had only just begun when I had the good fortune to meet and start working with Tony. The professionalism, compassion, passion and knowledge of his craft that I have experienced is absolutely first rate.

Nothing could have prepared me for how much my life would change with his help.

When people ask me how I have made so much progress, I take the opportunity to tell them how it wouldn't have been possible without Tony. He has patiently guided me through herbal remedies, dietary trials and tribulations, personal and spiritual advice among many other things.

He is a true gentleman, and a master of his craft. Everyone I know could benefit from a few hours in Tony Acworth's office."

- Melissa Sherburne