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A great deal of my time is spent researching whatever interests me...which is a lot! The world is a fascinating place! Whether it's the latest research on dietary causes of disease or a philosophical conundrum like how to define consciousness, I'm in tireless pursuit to understand the great mystery that surrounds me. In the process, I've fed my veracious mental appetite with a tremendous amount of wonderful wisdom nuggets and tantalizing tidbits of information.

A friend once asked, "Why gather all this information unless you're going to do something with it?".

This is the question that stirred me to action.

I'm incredibly passionate about sharing the wisdom I've gathered. I hope one day I can share with you!

Areas of interest include:

Medicinal mushrooms (I.D, cultivation, uses & benefits, medicine making)

Herbal medicine (clinical practice, formulation, uses & benefits)

Consciousness (entheogens, spiritual practice, spontaneous kundalini experiences, esoteric philosophy)

Intestinal health



Pacific Rim College

Course offerings:         

Phytotherapy program                           

Materia Medica of Mushrooms / Professional Writing Development / Observation clinic / Supervised clinic / Independent clinic

Nutrition program

Toxicity of Food (January 2019)

NU131 Fungal Foods & Mushroom Medicines

Community herbalist program

CHP116 Intro to Medicinal Mushrooms


Past weekend workshops

HNCP Food therapeutics - PRC Nutrition program          

'Fungal Foods and Medicinal Mushrooms'

Pacific Rim College/Nov 17 & 18 2018

Mycompanions - mushrooms and permaculture workshop - PRC Permaculture program

Tiny tree farm/Dec 1/2 2018

Future workshops


Vancouver Island Herb Gathering



Coming soon in 2019…

The Overself Podcast

The show will consist of interviews and discussions on:

Health/Herbal medicine/Nutrition/Intermittent fasting/Spiritual practices/Consciousness/Theoretical physics/Quantum theory/Mycology/Entheogens & Sacred medicines/Calesthenics/Self-exploration/Nature of reality