Welcome to Woodward Phytotherapy website. My name is Tony Acworth and I’m happy to meet you! I love meeting new people…especially those who are looking for help with: chronic issues, sleep problems, stomach difficulties, stress/anxiety or simply a desire to change and improve themselves. I may be able to help you discover ways to improve your quality of life and be your best self.

Many of us deal with pain or discomfort that, over time, develops into chronic issues. It can often be an consequence of environment.

In one sense, I’m talking about our mental environment and how emotions affect our immune system. Our egos are great at engaging us in worry, fear, lack, and self-sabotage, or simply playing pathological mental games with us. Many of us believe that this is our true self. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whatever our thoughts are about ourselves, this perception plays out in our physiology in both positive and negative ways.

This in turn evokes a response by the body to produce chemical mediators that allow for the appropriate action to be taken (think cortisol for fight or flight type scenarios). When this process becomes chronic, we are perpetually stripped of our defenses and unable to function optimally.

I’m also referring to our physical environment. Every living creature is suffering due to the unrelenting degradation & polluting of our ecosystems by large chemical companies. These environmental toxins find their way into our physiology via water, air, and food, ultimately making us sick. Bad practices often go unchecked for decades poisoning our intricate and interconnected ecosystems.

The workplace can be another source of toxic exposure where people are inundated with various harmful frequencies, flicker rates of screens and fluorescent lighting, off-gassing of building materials, poorly recirculated air, among other things (mold).

Shift workers keeping irregular hours risk throwing off bodily processes, leading to stress and inflammation related issues.

If the body is inflamed, the person has a weak immune system that is susceptible to illness. Our bodies can have difficulty effectively eliminating the buildup of waste products that can accumulate leading to further insult. It’s the “hamster wheel”effect of many inflammatory chronic conditions

Woodward Phytotherapy Dispensary - Tony Acworth RHT

Woodward Phytotherapy Dispensary - Tony Acworth RHT

Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals...
— Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief

It’s good to be aware of the many environments and their contributions to our overall daily experience as they play an important role in how we feel on a regular basis. By working together to reveal which of these areas may be affecting you, we can start to implement changes that improve things for the better.

Thankfully we have help; plant medicines and medicinal mushrooms can help facilitate healing, reduce stress and get our bodies functioning optimally.

Let’s uncover the reasons you may not be thriving, so you can attain a richer, more healthful experience of life. Why just get by when you can shine like the star you are?

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you!

Tony Acworth, Dip. Phyt. R.H.T